Among the untold number of New York City secrets are the extraordinary Rainforest woods of the Coney Island Boardwalk and other seaside walkways. They’re revealed after resurfacing the weathered surface. The mix of tropical hardwoods is predominantly Ipe, but may include cumaru, angelique, greenheart and rare super dense species that were considered commercially valuable for decking, park benches and sub-structure. 





1/2", 3/4"




3 - 14'

Color and Surface

The mix of species is readily apparent when planed to its bare wood – with shades of brown, red, tan and green emerging. The wood is dense, clear, and close grained. There can be very small micro cracks in the surface that have penetrated into the interior, as a sign of its boardwalk history. But most apparent are the periodic bolt holes that mark where the boards were fastened into the boardwalk sub-structure.  

Nature and Culture

The rarified tropical hardwood qualities that made woods like Mahogany the rage of early American furniture, are also possessed by boardwalk woods, and seen when they are surfaced. But where the exploitation of mahogany was most tragically tied to slavery, the modern day impact is to the rainforest and the earths environment.  These reclaimed tropical hardwoods, the tiny supply that exists, are a rare sustainable option.