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Shou Sughi Ban, an 18th c. Japanese charring technique that extends the exterior performance of wood, originally applied to Cedar, and other woods with inherent resistance to moisture and insects, It is gaining popularity for it’s sublime beauty, performance and sustainability. As shown in photos, the clapboard offers an exceptional quality of reclaimed old growth Douglas Fir, sourced from Worcestershire Sauce tanks and available in a limited edition. The woods are custom sawn with a tapered clapboard profile, followed by traditional charring and a hand rubbed natural oil finish.



Exterior, Paneling


1/2", 3/4"




3 - 14'

Color and Surface

On Douglas Fir, the charring serves to raise the wood grain, and sillouette the underlying wood figure, producing a subtle but stunning effect that ranges in color between Van Dyke Brown and Matte Black depending on light and angle of view. Reclaimed old growth Douglas Fir also offers a knot free surface, long lengths and either dense vertical grain pattern or dramatic organic wood figure that are evocative of the Pacific Northwest forests.