Reclaimed bald cypress (aka tidewater red or swamp cypress) is primarily sourced from wooden vinegar tanks, and, like other tank woods, utilize the highest grade of old growth heartwood. The tree often grows in wet terrain, developing an extraordinary dense grain pattern. The beauty and rarity of it’s figure is often reserved for applications like feature walls and cabinetry, but its exterior performance qualities are also appreciated. 





1/2", 3/4"




3 - 14'

Color and Surface

The exteriors of the tanks develop mint-gray and whitewashed hues, and the characteristic marks of steel bands. The interior – which can always be revealed at some point in time – is imbued with light yellowish-brown peach-tones, with an exceptional grain density. Straight grain figure with dramatic cathedral forms.

Nature and Culture

Growing in Southern swamps, Cypress remains a revered part of the culture, and with universal appeal. The large tree with unusual “cypress knees” and small dark cones grows incredibly slowly, and up to one thousand years. Cypress loggers, living on house rafts, fended off mosquito-borne disease, deadly snakes and alligators as they felled the trees from small dinghies – hearing the last calls of the fabled ivory-billed woodpecker.