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Reclaimed Maple today is sourced from 19th and early 20th c. factories and warehouses. There’s an unlikely charm in the industrial markings that manage to impact this rock hard wood. The graphic colorful features of this unique floor have entered a broad range of environments, from the entry lobby of a Punk Rock label, to an after hours electric music dance floor to the entrance of a Brooklyn passive row house.










Color and Surface

The underlying maple color and grain is largely obscured by its accumulated patina from industrial use. The lighter tones and closed grain of hard maple is still apparent, though veiled by the aged patina and distressed marks that characterize the woods – with its limitless variations of impacts and stains from industrial use. 

Nature and Culture

Often beautifully scarred and scratched by years of heavy use, the industrial surfaces ironically reflect the rustic qualities of nature. The maple tree has become iconic for it’s syrup and fall colors, but its service to bowling alleys and gym courts is less recognized. Maple is often too difficult or costly to salvage. It is a rare treat when we can get our hands on it, as in this beautiful flooring from an Edison factory.