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White oak is extracted from the larger collection of barn timbers. White oak often is lighter in tone than red oak and is moderately harder, with a more closed grain. The beauty and durability of white oak makes it a perennial flooring favorite, though it is moderately higher in cost determined by its rarity and higher salvage costs. Milled in a wide plank profile, it often contains moderately less distress than red oak, perhaps due to its more rot resistant structure.    









3 - 14'

Color and Surface

The characteristic white oak figure and grain is often available in wider and longer plank profiles. The reclaimed wood is light to medium brown. Quarter sawn sections reveal what’s termed ‘ray fleck’ – a subtle but characteristic feature of this beautiful and durable species. 

Nature and Culture

White oak is starting to raise some concerns among those focused on maintaining the quality of the Eastern forests. Decades of selective harvesting and development have depleted levels of the species. Climate change as well may play a factor, as white oak appears to be impacted disproportionately to other species. With these concerns in mind, reclaimed white oak is a sustainable way to enjoy the wood, and the patina and character that is witness to its history.