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Address: 65-71 Troy Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213, US | Phone: +1 917-862-7910

We Salvage and Remanufacture Wood.

What we do

We serve architects, designers, homeowners and the public with custom milled reclaimed and sustainable wood flooring, paneling and lumber. Sourced from old buildings in and around New York, and beyond, these rare and spectacularly beautiful old growth woods are a versatile material for modern design.


Stylish and distinctive choice for interior spaces. Contributes to sustainability by giving new life to materials that would otherwise go to waste.


Commonly used in both traditional and modern designs, wooden paneling adds texture, depth, and a timeless charm to a space.


Versatile material ideal for woodworking, furniture, and structural applications. Offers durability and a unique aesthetic with high-quality old growth wood.

New York Anthology Collection

The old row houses and tenements, warehouses and factories of the city were built with woods from the ancient forest of the country – white pine from the Northeast, longleaf pine from the south, Douglas fir from the Pacific Northwest and many other trees, some common and some rare. These spectacularly beautiful old growth woods are reclaimed, remilled and reimagined just for you. 

Antique Heart Pine

Native Northeast Softwoods (Resurfaced)

Native Northeast Softwoods (Skip-planed)

Coney Island and Rockaway Beach Boardwalk

Reclaimed Wood:
a Field Guide

The first complete visual survey of this valuable resource, with chapters on history, sources and types of wood, reclamation and practical information, and contemporary uses in residential and commercial projects.

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Our location at 71 Troy Avenue in Brooklyn includes a showroom, and a 3600 sf warehouse and wood shop. We are currently open for meetings by appointment. The space features a broad selection of over 40 antique, vintage and rare reclaimed woods. 

Brooklyn warehouse & showroom

(917) 862 7910

Mon.-Fri. 9:00 – 5:30 pm
Sat. 10-4pm

1 Troy Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11213

Please call in advance for appointment!

Getting There:

Train: A, C to Utica Ave. train stop. (approx. 8 min walk)
Car: Atlantic Ave. to Troy Ave. (1.5 mi. from Barclay Center)

We salvage and re-manufacture old wood. Sourced from old buildings in and around New York and beyond.


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