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With Reclaimed Wood

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Whether you’re just a beginner or looking for fun projects that don’t take long to complete, the classes are designed for people of all backgrounds and budgets. 

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Upcoming workshops


Make a lasting, locally sourced, reclaimed wood table or desk with modern legs and a story attached.

Turn a piece of New York City history into a long living reclaimed coffee or side table with modern legs.

Handle home shelving needs to free up space and improve organization – with a reclaimed wood accent.  


Pick up woodworking skills while creating a beautiful and functional kitchen accent or gift. 

Join an intro to woodworking while making a reclaimed wood flower box (or small storage box).

Learn fundamentals of woodworking while making a unique reclaimed wood picture frame. 

Sawkill Lumber workshops are designed for learning the fundamentals of woodworking, making objects of reclaimed wood, and knowing the sources of this spectacularly beautiful wood.


We cover basic woodworking skills, using modern equipment and traditional tools, for sawing, planing, routing, jointing, drilling, gluing, sanding and finishing. There are so many benefits to woodworking in modern life, along with creating something to last a long time.

Wood Supply

The workshops utilize salvaged and re-milled  lumber. The beauty and depth of these one-of-a-kind woods, with their dense growth rings, rich wood tones and the character marks of their history – reflect their origins in early forests and long service to an NYC building.


The woods are sourced from specific sites in and around NYC – old warehouses, factories and apartment houses – each one like a safe deposit box of an old growth forest – white pine and other softwoods from the Northeast, longleaf pine from the South and Doug fir from the Northwest. Every board has a story to tell  – from a forest region to a city building, to being reimagined and reconfigured by you.


What is the registration process ?

Payment can be made online with a credit card or provided by check or Venmo prior to the class. We will be in contact with you by email as the workshop schedule develops. Feel free to reach us by email or phone with any questions or comments.

what is the cancellation policy ?

If a workshop needs to be cancelled or re-scheduled, you can email us at least one day in advance of the Classe for a full refund. We can not provide refunds within a shorter time period. People will be notified at least a day in advance for any cancellation and a refund or credit will be applied.

How should I prepare for the workshop?

All tools, safety equipment and materials are provided. Participants need to dress for a woodshop environment – good shoes, fitted clothing, and layers determined by the weather. Participants are required to complete registration and release forms at the beginning of the workshop.

What is included in the workshop price?

The workshops include instruction time and all tools,  materials (sandpaper, finishes, etc.) and safety items (ie. hearing and eye protection, sawdust masks, etc.) . Wood is included in the price unless indicated – as when needs are based on a persons custom specification. This most often applies to larger items like table tops and shelving. A Wood Certificate is also provided that includes any available backstory and provenance.  


This is a hidden treasure! Great variety of reclaimed wood, with access to much more off site.   

            – Derrick S. 

Walking into the warehouse is like a trip through history, with wood ranging from the Coney Island boardwalk to factory flooring to fresh lumber from the mill.

                – Jeen F.

Wonderful place, great selection and they make it their goal to have your project done the right way. 
Sawkill helped us work on making our project a reality. 
                – Logan A. 

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