Learn To Work
With Reclaimed Wood

Learn woodworking while creating a beautiful and functional kitchen accent in this two session workshop. 

Use tools and techniques dating as far back as the 1800’s while working with wood equally as old. 

Learn the fundamentals of hand planing while making a reclaimed wood hiking stick.

Learn to process and re-construct reclaimed wood from historic buildings in this power tools crash course. 


Sawkill workshops are designed for learning the fundamentals of woodworking, making objects of reclaimed wood, and revealing the sources of these spectacularly beautiful woods.

The classes are for people of all backgrounds – beginners to those more experienced and looking to explore the woods with a fun project that doesn’t take long to complete.  


We cover basic woodworking skills, using both power tools and traditional hand tools; with an emphasis on safety and technique. There are so many benefits to learning woodworking in modern times, along with creating a long-lasting and cherished object.

The allure of old WOOD

The  workshops features reclaimed antique and vintage woods, often from ancient forests. These woods emerge from decommissioned old buildings with depth and beauty, and the character marks that are witness to their history. 

OLD New York

The workshops provide participants with access to rare virgin growth woods from old building in and around New York and beyond. Each participant brings this history full circle, as they re-imagine, re-configure and re-mill this raw material into an incredibly special one-of-a-kind object. 


This is a hidden treasure! Great variety of reclaimed wood, with access to much more off site.   

            – Derrick S. 

Walking into the warehouse is like a trip through history, with wood ranging from the Coney Island boardwalk to factory flooring to fresh lumber from the mill.

                – Jeen F.

Wonderful place, great selection and they make it their goal to have your project done the right way. 
Sawkill helped us work on making our project a reality. 
                – Logan A.