•  Date: TBA
  •  Time: 3 hrs
  •  Cost: $165.00 (Includes instruction, materials and wood finish)
  •  Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced Beginner
  • No. Participants: 5

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Isn’t nature great? Walking through the woods, talking to some friends, staring at the trees. Or going out solo, and hearing yourself think for once. But every hiker needs a companion, whether it’s a friend, a spirit animal (mine’s the weasel), or better yet, a big ol’ stick. That’s right, traverse treacherous terrain with a help from nature itself. In this class we will build a walking stick using hand tools and the power of you. Each stick will be unique due to the very essence of handwork. You will learn to: “read the grain” of wood, hand plane, learn about jigs and more! All while making your own walking stick! This is a beginner level class so no experience necessary!

In partnership with Outlandish Hiking – Take your stick out walking with a hike out of the city!


Refund Policy: 24 hour minimum notice for full refund



  • Hand Plane
  • Grain Readings
  • Jigs
  • Palm sander – Instruction + practice
  • Reclaimed wood backstory



  • Stan Abramov is based in New York City, dividing much of his time between work as a network engineer and producing a range of stunning objects with hand tools from a studio within his NYC apartment.