At this 3 hr. workshop, we’ll cover the basics of mounting a range of wall shelving and working with reclaimed wood.

Date: Saturdays 11-2pm | Dates Pending

Location: 65-71 Troy Avenue, Brooklyn


Gain knowledge and skills to handle home shelving needs to free up floor space, and improve home organization and style. We’ll look at a range of options, from standard brackets and modular systems to floating accent shelves. Participants will gain familiarity with tools, hardware and processes through hands-on experience. We’ll learn to select and prepare reclaimed lumber to look the way you want, using the cross-cut saw and palm sander, with a demonstration of the table saw. The session will also explore the woods backstory, from ancient forest to nineteenth century NYC building to its most current transformation.

Instructor: William Ryder is a cabinet maker with a 30 year roster of custom built woodwork in Brooklyn. Alan Solomon is a partner at Sawkill Lumber and co-author of the upcoming Reclaimed Wood: A Field Guide

Material: Material fee is based on the dimensions of the table top being planned. We’ll be working with Northeast softwoods and participants can choose whether to utilise an original, skip-planed or re-surfaced boards. 6/4 x 12. Price: 15.00 per linear foot.

Tools: Miter saw, biscuit joiner, palm sander, glue-up and clamping, Wood selection and arrangement, sanding and finishing.

Skill level: Beginner and advanced/beginner or those wanting to gain a feel for working with reclaimed woods.