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Origins of SAWKILL NYC

The Origins of Sawkill

SAWKILL + THE VIRGIN FORESTS Seeing old lumber from hundreds of demolished buildings, primarily in the Northeast, we’ve discovered the species that were used in

The Origins of Reclaimed

ORIGINS OF ‘RECLAIMED’  To save and salvage seems basic to human nature, from early cave dwellers to the Bible, “Beat your swords into plowshares.” The

Reclaimed Woods Workshop

Shelving Saturdays at Sawkill Lumber

SHELVING + RECLAIMED WOODS WORKSHOP First Saturday of the month at Sawkill Lumber  Description This workshop covers the basics of mounting wall shelving and working

Blower Door Test “Passed!”

Sawkill Passive House passed the critical passive house blower door test on Friday, conducted by David White of Right Environments, working with Castrucci Architect and

American Illustrator David Plunkert

Congratulations to Dave Plunkert, who produced our lumberjack illustration, and let his work set sail this week for the New Yorker with “Blowhard”.

Working with Reclaimed Wood

Course No. 001 Working with Reclaimed Wood Participants will be guided through basic woodworking skills that make use of hand and power tools to construct