Shelving Saturdays at Sawkill Lumber

Reclaimed Woods Workshop


First Saturday of the month at Sawkill Lumber 


This workshop covers the basics of mounting wall shelving and working with reclaimed wood. Participants gain knowledge and skills in adding shelving to improve home organization and style. We’ll look at options from basic brackets and modular standards to floating shelves. Participants gain familiarity with available tools, hardware and processes through hands-on experience. We’ll learn to prepare reclaimed wood for shelves that look the way you want.

We’ll explore the history of the woods – a journey through ancient forests, logging camps, and old buildings of all description – apartment houses and barns to 19th c. factories and uncommon ones like the Coney Island boardwalk. In salvaging old wood for new projects, we reclaim our own roots. 

William Ryder is a cabinet maker with a 30 year roster of custom built woodwork in Brooklyn. Alan Solomon is a partner at Sawkill Lumber and co-author of the upcoming Reclaimed Wood: A Field Guide.

Where: 71 Troy Ave. Brooklyn

A, C or E to Utica Ave. (7 minute walk)

Time: 3 hrs. 

When: Saturday, September 7th — 11-2pm

Cost: 75.00 + wood shelving

Note: At least three reclaimed options for shelving are available. Purchase of lumber for shelving at the time of the course is optional. Participants can attend for only instruction cost.  

(10% off reclaimed woods with workshop. $8-12.00/sf average)

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