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Skip-planed oak is produced from the same antique grade recovered material as barn oak (resurfaced), but a measure of the aged surface is retained, layering rustic and refined qualities.  A broader range of brown tones are it’s most apparent feature. Similar to resurfaced oak, its species mix is also unassuming. So it’s a wonder to see the floor produced such a unified feel within a flooring installation, with the mix of old and new qualities emerging from the millwork providing a timeless feel. 



Flooring, Paneling






3 - 14'

Color and Surface

Checks, knots, circular saw marks, nail holes, insect tracings and subtle discolorations appear in varied degrees on the scale of light to deep brown tones across the open course grain of the bare oak and rough sawn aged areas.

Nature and Culture

The oak tree is steeped in the culture of civilization, utilized for items of all description, and venerated by the Greeks, Romans, Celts, Slavs and others as a symbol of strength, and knowledge, thanks to it’s size and longevity. But in the modern era, it’s taken a modest, but no less popular place in homes, having become the most common hardwood floor in modern times.