Hudson Wood Flooring New York

Sourced from mid-century dock pilings on the Hudson River, the rare salvaged material is a mix of two species – Southern pine and Douglas fir. Each retains their characteristic softwood figure and grain while having developed ethereal streaks of mineralized bluish grey from decades long service along the shoreline riverbeds. Being the rare reclaimed wood that is recovered in columns, it can be uniquely engineered as veneered panels. 



Flooring, Paneling






3 - 14'

Color and Surface

The pine and Doug fir tones are softened by river exposure, and a diffuse mineralized cast forms within the wood figure in medium greyish-browns to Sienna and red that enliven the surface, especially brought out with a natural oil finish. Ultimately, the otherwise common second growth wood is transformed into an extraordinary object of nature and history by it’s seventy-year submersion in the river. 

Nature and Culture

Why pine and Doug fir for mid-century dock pilings? At first glance, it would seem as though the second-growth softwoods would not hold up. But at least two critical factors directed the choice – Not many trees would yield the pole size needed; and just about all woods would be preserved underwater anyhow. The timber was cost effective and domestically available.