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“Mushroom wood” is the term given to a specific reclaimed wood, and refers to it’s source – mushroom growing facilities. The wood species itself, for reasons that are still unsure, is Eastern hemlock. And although its provenance is relatively recent by reclaimed standards – just about sixty years – its appearance is primeval, making it a sought after wood for feature walls.  










3 - 14'

Color and Surface

Far and away the most textured surface among reclaimed woods, containing deep grooves in the softer early wood grain, resulting from nutrients being extracted by the growing mushrooms. The boards patina of deep earthy browns are the result of the enriched earth packed within the growing boxes. The organic super-texture and color results from a half century of mushroom growing conditions. 

Nature and Culture

Mushroom wood also conjures the very symbiotic relationship between mushrooms and trees, and consequently the wood created in that process. Mushrooms, breaking down nutrients in the earth, are in perpetual exchange with trees, trading that critical chemistry for sugars and other nutrients produced by the tree. On and on its gone through the evolutions of time. No wood is possible without it.