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Antique Northeast softwoods are comprised of at least a few Northern softwood species that unify in their look as the woods weather and age to a characteristic brown rough sawn surface.The surface is often a staple of rustic and informal design, but is a defining applications within more formal or elegant interiors, where the contrast of the wood provides balance and energy to a design.



Flooring, Paneling


1/2", 3/4", 4/4" - 12/4"





Color and Surface

Skip planed Native Softwoods have a similar look and feel as Eastern White Pine, though often in narrower widths and with some subtle but distinguishing differences. The light even brown tones of the wood contrast with the deeper browns of its aged rough sawn surfaces. The wood is provides versatile and rustic harmony as flooring and paneling, with its range of brown hues, aged texture, saw marks, nail holes and other character features.