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Oak is the most common reclaimed hardwood. In fact, it’s the most common hardwood on the planet. Our barn oak is often resurfaced and planed smooth to reveal the tones in the aged grain and figure; or nail holes and distress that was obscured by the weathered face. Barn oak is unassuming in it’s broad mix of red and white species, coming together in a subtle but profound difference from oak that is freshly cut today. 



Flooring, Paneling






3 - 14'

Color and Surface

Checks, knots, nail holes, insect tracings and subtle discolorations appear in varied degrees on the scale of light to medium brown tones and open course grain of oak.Reclaimed oak otherwise has the same handsome grain and figure as new oak, but the aged features and experience in the barn lend the wood distinct character that elevates the surface to the quality of a feature wall, or floor that balances the informal and refined. 

Nature and Culture

Homes of the 1800’s often nailed down wide stable softwood planks. Barns, however, would often be surfaced with wide thick oak boards – to withstand the trampling farm animals, or used for threshing wheat (and separating it from the chaff, as the Bible recounts). And as woodworking equipment and trends changed, oak moved in from the barn – and the ship – to become the most common hardwood floor in modern times.