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One wood type may not be enough for an installation, or two, three or more. When an individual or project is looking for a mix of colors, textures and sizes, they can choose from a range of woods, so that the potential arrangement is essentially limitless. But finding the right harmony of woods for the design vision is individual to the project. So a visit to the Brooklyn warehouse or CT mill is necessary if this look is sought after. 

Given the openendedness of this material, the color and surface, as well as it’s cultural and historical backgrounds can be referenced in the listings here for any mix. The wood selection process is inevitably more time consuming, and hands-on, but results in a composition that can transform a wall into an architectural scrapbook of colors, grains, figure and scale. The image here at the Brooklyn City Point development, includes a multitude of woods – swamp Cypress vinegar tank skins, grey ‘potato plank’ barn siding, and the Coney Island Boardwalk.






1/2", 3/4"


3"-12", 3"-14"


3 - 14'