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Redwood is a premium wood for a wooden storage vessels, including the pickle vats, wine and vinegar distilleries where this wood is salvaged. After decades of service, the old growth heartwood is still well preserved (though saturated or drunk with the stored fluids), and a patina unique to the wooden storage vessels has developed. The aged surface is often used for feature wall installations, furniture and exterior applications. 









3 - 14'

Color and Surface

The aged surface of redwood tank has a smooth leather-like texture – especially after an oil finishes, which impart an exotic richness to the wood – if a more raw and naturally matte patina is not preferred. The colors range from deep crimson to ebony, with prominent signs of its former use – iron oxide band marks and a rare nail hole.

Nature and Culture

The Native Americans thought the Redwoods were immortal. Renown for their size – growing up to 320 ft high and 24’ wide – it’s a legitimate skyscraper, and is broader at its base than a Brooklyn Brownstone. It’s epic size can easily obscure the city of insect life that make a redwood home. The Native Americans thought the tree would live forever; and as reclaimed redwood, it may be true. 

Vintage engraving of the Grizzly Giant a giant sequoia in Mariposa Grove, 19th Century