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These are the most local antique woods that we recover – primarily from 19th and early 20th c apartment houses. They are special for being native to the region, but are also further distinguished by their dense old growth figure and grain. The surfaces have developed an similarly aged texture, and are compatible in their bare wood color and grain. The woods are primarily used for paneling and flooring, but are versatile for a range of furniture applications. 




Flooring, Paneling


1/2", 3/4"




3 - 14'

Color and Surface

The color tones are light to medium chocolate browns, and then deeper browns following any type of oil or water based finish. The texture is similar to original surface Southern pine, but the softer Northern species can be moderately deeper in texture.  These Northern pines, spruces and firs can exhibit a range of character marks from open knots, nail holes, stress cracks and other features, depending on the building. 

Nature and Culture

These woods were overlooked by the early lumberman in pursuit of the white pine, but towards the late 1800’s, their virtues and adequacy for construction made them important commercial timbers. Each species possesses unique characteristics for the forest environment and contribution to the old growth forest; whether it being the towering white pine, shade tolerant Eastern hemlock, or red spruce of the more Northern regions.