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Barn wood is often what we think of when we think about reclaimed wood. There’s a romance to barns, that even woods from other sources are made to be a stand-in for its allure. The pace of their removal has accelerated, as the trend for using reclaimed woods has taken hold. Our current stock of classic grey barn siding is sourced from a potato farm in Western Massachusetts.









3 - 14'

Color and Surface

Our Hadley Plank is rare in its consistency and quality from a century old barn structure, with the gracefully aged planks. These white pine boards reflect the graceful silver grey shades of age and historical romance found in the barn. The long planks in widths up to 10” are textured with nail holes, stress cracks and other subtle signs of its time worn character, including the occasional shadow of a door hinge. 

Nature and Culture

Barns (an Old English term for “a place to store barley”) have existed for thousands of years, and  conjure reverence and nostalgia for a simpler life, close to the land and nature—even if we’re not breathing the land’s fresh air, mixed with hay, manure, and the restless farm animals. We do not acquire painted barn siding due to possible lead paint. But the red barn, as an aside, developed from mixing rust – common on the farm and having anti-fungal properties – into the paint.