Black walnut

American Black Walnut Slabs


Our inventory of slabs are locally sourced and salvaged from American Black Walnut trees that are sustainably harvested. Each live edge piece offers the unique beauty of raw nature. And the design statement can serve a range of applications – table tops, bar counters, benches, conference tables and dining tables.

We curate a rare selection in Black Walnut trees of remarkable old growth scale, form and figure. Representing wood in its raw form, and combined with a strong base, slabs have the potential for a life time of use, and the character to be carried into future generations,

Black walnut, the darkest of domestic trees, is most distinguished by its warm deep color tones – from dark tan to chocolate brown, with undertones at times of purple and green. The grain is straight and often irregular. And this overall look has come to represent something warm, modern and iconic – from George Nakashima’s mid-century works to today.

Our slabs are custom ordered and selected from our Connecticut mill, offering a truly personal experience at the source; with our staff helping you to choose the best slab for its use and environment.