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Wide Plank Flooring in New York (NYC)

Original surface longleaf pine retains its aged surface and the other marks of industrial and natural history. The durable Southern Pine with an authentically aged surface is not available today outside of lumber and timber salvaged from dismantled 19th and early 20th c. warehouses, factories and mills. The warmth and rustic beauty of this aged wood is most often used for flooring and paneling, but is versatile for durable table tops, stair treads and other applications. 



Dimensional Lumber, Flooring, Paneling


1/2", 3/4", 4"-10"




3 - 14'

Color and Surface

Longleaf Pine (Original Surface) is characterized by deep burnt Sienna tones, saw marks, nail holes and the contours of its textured aged face.  Our old growth longleaf contains over 95% heartwood content. Plank widths are often 8”, with 6-12’ lengths, providing a bold, unified and informal look to an installation.  

Nature and Culture

Longleaf was overlooked in the North until the late 1800’s, when the end of the Civil war, the Industrial Revolution, massive immigration and depletion of Northern forests lead to large scale logging in the South. Longleaf, a tree uniquely adapted to lightning fires, grew in long unbroken tracts from the Carolinas to Texas and south to Florida – a diverse ecosystem teeming with plants and wildlife, including the pileated wood-pecker and the lumbering gopher tortoise.