Antique Pine Floors Reclaimed from Domino Sugar



The Domino Sugar factory was primarily built with steel and brick, with a finishing coat of sugar and molasses over the eras. But demolition of the building still yielded a large volume of antique Longleaf Pine, used for the sturdy industrial decking.

Following the Civil War, New York City became the biggest provider of refined sugar to the U.S. and for a period, the Domino factory in Williamsburg was the largest sugar refinery in the world. After 150 yrs of service, it closed.

Most recently, it’s housed an unlikely sugar product, an epic sized sculpture by the artist Kara Walker. Her “Marvelous Sugar Mama” is a tribute to the individuals in distant lands that harvested sugar cane and a statement about the exploitations and sacrifices that trailed the 3 million pounds of sugar that were processed each day.