backwoods of oregon c. 1960 to backyards of brooklyn 2016

Timber Delivery
The backwoods of Oregon c. 1958 to the back yard decking of the Brooklyn row house 2016. Sal organizes the unloading of these 3 x 10' Doug Fir and 4 x 10 White Pine for the back deck. Eastern White Pine and Douglas Fir have traditionally been moderate to good woods for exterior. With a clear coat and an installation that allows for air circulation, drainage, limited sun exposure and some periodic upkeep, the woods should last for decades.
Mid-century New York via the Northwest
The Douglas Fir joists are emblematic of mid-century construction in NYC; when transport lines were well established, northern and southern forests were depleted; and the stable, strong and economical lumber of the Pacific Northwest were framing small warehouses in the outer boroughs or replacing joists in tenement repairs.
Rollin Lumber Co.
Rollin Lumber. The company was started in the mid-century era Oregon by Rollin Pratt. It employed about eighty people and closed around 1970. Stamped No. 1 grade, it was suited for structural applications.