Ideas City Festival – NYC 2015

The Invisible Lunch Discussions
Benches were supplied by Sawkill Lumber in collaboration with Brooklyn Woods, Caliper Architecture and Ratrod Studio. They served the Ideas City installation of artist Marjetica Potrc and her students at the Hochschule für bildende Künste (HFBK) Hamburg, Germany.
Design for the Living World
People gravitated to the wood benches between the rows of folding plastic seats.
Artist Marjetica Potrc
Osha Bench by Brooklyn based Caliper Architecture. Wood seat: Eastern White Pine from a lower Manhattan building. (
Ideas City Festival | New Museum NYC
Caliper removable legs on antique Eastern Hemlock from an Edison factory c. 1896. Installation by Ratrod Studio (
Craft and Community
Scott Peltzer and Finn Bruggemann assemble bench designs for the event.
Salvaging Wood and Lives at Brooklyn Woods
Designed by Scott Peltzer of Brooklyn woods, the bench employs reclaimed water tank Ceder, scaffolding plank (951 Pacific St. Passive House and other sites) and factory flooring (Chicago), joined with counter sunk bolts. Brooklyn Woods is a non profit wood shop job training institute. (click photo for info about Brooklyn Woods)
100 ft long table on Rivington St.
Communal table assembled for the Invisible Lunch Discussion with a modest assortment of breads, cheeses, and fruits.