This wood supposedly came from a mid-nineteenth century church.  Most of the
church was constructed of white pine with a very small amount of white oak
and this spruce sheathing.  As with most churches I’ve seen in the past,
there was clearly a sincere effort to construct the structure with the best
available materials and the finest craftsmanship.  Although this spruce was
not especially prized then, its heavy thickness and tongue and groove
milling make it atypical for sheathing from this era.

Application: this wood is very dark and very naily, making it ideal for the
right paneling application or even as flooring if some denting can be
Dimensions: thick 4/4 can be used as is or resawn into a very thin paneling.
Most is 7-9″ wide. Random length to 16′.
Defining characteristic: very dark and extremely naily make it very
primitive looking