Featured Species: Reclaimed American Beech


The Beech tree has been a reliable barn timber through the eras, as it’s logs yielded hard and large beams. Resawn, Beech makes exceptional interior flooring and furniture stock. It’s fine reddish-white figure and interesting grain patterns, along with the character marks picked up over eras of service within agricultural structures. The tree also has a special place in the hearts of many young lovers, who have engraved their feelings for one another into its smooth grey bark.
Antique Beech from barn beams produces a stunning reclaimed figure that is often a substitute for Oak. Beech has a range of character marks within it’s light-colored honey and golden hues with hints of pink, along with natural scratch marks, some knots and sound cracks and insect tracks that provide evidence of it’s age. Our hand selected reclaimed Beech can also include a beautiful mix of hardwoods that work well together, such as Maple and Oak.