Sawkill Drawn into the New Yorker


Ben McGrath at the New Yorker mag covered post-Sandy salvage work at Rockaway Beach in the Talk of the Town section- June 7th issue. It’s a whimsical exchange with Bo Bricklemeyer (FEMA), Rion LoBrutto (NYC Office of Emergency Management) and Jordan Smith (NYC Parks Dept.) at a remote backwoods site, where a mile of the boardwalks tropical timbers and decking are now stored. Sawkill along with associated Armster Reclaimed Lumber Co. were contracted to dismantling some hazardous sections of elevated boardwalk near comfort stations and to pick through the debris piles at Riis Park – the temporary and sprawling dump area for hurricane refuse. Sawkill doesn’t appear in the text – only the drawing – where burly workers tote 150 lb tropical timbers.