Save The Shutters

2014-08-10 11.14.00-2   The Greeks invented democracy, medicine and philosophy, and useful objects like the screw, thermometer, door locks, coinsmaps, and half the words in the dictionary – and pizza (before the Romans picked up on the recipe). So it was no surprise to learn that shutters got their start in ancient Greece.   They were originally made from marble, which allowed for shade and cool air on long hot Mediterranean days. And they could be closed at night for privacy and security, or during the areas heavy storms (or when the gods reigned down thunder).  The previous owner seemed reluctant to discard this small pile of multi-colored shutters, left in a dusty corner of the cellar, and likely pulled off the house (based on an old photo) and picked up on curbs. He may have imagined them refurbished and returned to the windows one day – but may be no less pleased to see them as a wall panel.