solid wood doors

Door-to-Door in West New York, NJ

“Unscrew the locks from the doors ! Unscrew the doors themselves from their jambs ! ” – Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Glass door knobs
Glass doorknobs with mirrored star-burst centers became popular around WWI (brass was needed for the war effort). Today, they’re picked like diamonds at salvage shops; being beautiful, carefully crafted and built to last.
Daniel Luscombe
Antique door preservationist Daniel Luscombe carefully extracts all of the brass hardware sets for the doors at the West New York, NJ location.
Solid wood
The seventeen 5-panel doors were a mix of Oak, Poplar and Pine.
Dip Strip Paint option
Most of the doors have been painted over the years, with he likely prospect of lead in some of the layer(s). So the option of stripping or 'dip stripping' is a prospect. Renewed, they should still have a vintage patina alongside the clean lines.