antique pine

Antique Longleaf Pine | 3 x 16 x 22-28′


Description: Rare lot of 3 x 16″ antique Longleaf Pine. Grade A grain density and color. Aged brown circular sawn surface. Hand dismantled from late 1800’s building in the Northeast. 22-28′ lengths.Potential to produce 14-15″ premium original surface Longleaf flooring.

Volume: 27,000 bf

Location: Springfield, MA (zip code 01101)

Addit’l Notes: Also Available – 3 x 12 x 11′ mixed grade and 3 x 14″ x 18′ Antique Longleaf

What goes with wood? Paint colors and reclaimed.

reclaimedwood_paintcolorsAnnie Coggan, an interior designer (Coggan and Crawford), and professor at local Pratt Institute, works with a selected range of neutral colors against the skip planed antique Pine in the attic space. With the floors chosen or installed, paint colors came into play. While there are no hard and fast rules on color and reclaimed woods, Annie inter-changed a restrained (passive?) palette of neutral colors for each room, helping to reflect or throw more light around the space, create mood, define volume and frame the floors “…the woods are the diva”, she says.

Mike D in Bklyn – and Queens

miked_bklynThe New York Times featured the transformation of a Cobble Hill townhouse by Beastie Boy Mike D. Reclaimed woods were used sparingly, but nonetheless rocked. Mike D also is helping to reclaim the Rockaways after the hurricane disaster, jump starting a food truck that put out over 19,000 meals to hard hit residents. The project rolls on, with food truck job training to area residents. Donations can be made at Rockaway Plate Lunch. photos: NY times