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Reclaimed Edison Maple plays in the Backgound of UK Music Label

This reclaimed Hard Maple flooring served an Edison Factory in NJ since the mid-1890’s. It was the early start of recorded music as the Edison Phonograph , with it’s signature megaphone attachment and hand crank operation was being released, crooning American parlors into the 20th c. This UK based record label pays tribute to the origins of their industry in the reception area at the Tribeca NYC space. The pattern of hard knock industrial wear is also a vibrant welcoming look, hitting the perfect design note. Maple is second only to Hickory in hardness among American woods.

Salvaged Step-by-Step

The reclaimed wood stairwell may be the last step of the house to be completed, as the transition pieces on the railings need to be custom milled. But the exceptional work by Jim Hartin and his crew at Blueline Construction produced the rustic and finely crafted steps, carving out stringers from dense 3 x 12 antique Pine timbers that arrived from 514 West 29th St.- the ascent feels like earth underfoot.

African Ironwood South St., Seaport

Reclaimed boardwalk African Ironwood, salvage from the South St., Seaport restoration, is among the hardest woods on earth. It’s more common in European Maritime  Applications, but it’s also found in the depths of the Paris metro. It’s cellular structure makes it notoriously on stable at narrow thicknesses. here, it’s a striking detail  and environmental statement at the threshold of a Brooklyn Brownstone.

Antique Longleaf Pine | 3 x 16 x 22-28′


Description: Rare lot of 3 x 16″ antique Longleaf Pine. Grade A grain density and color. Aged brown circular sawn surface. Hand dismantled from late 1800’s building in the Northeast. 22-28′ lengths.Potential to produce 14-15″ premium original surface Longleaf flooring.

Volume: 27,000 bf

Location: Springfield, MA (zip code 01101)

Addit’l Notes: Also Available – 3 x 12 x 11′ mixed grade and 3 x 14″ x 18′ Antique Longleaf

What goes with wood? Paint colors and reclaimed.

reclaimedwood_paintcolorsAnnie Coggan, an interior designer (Coggan and Crawford), and professor at local Pratt Institute, works with a selected range of neutral colors against the skip planed antique Pine in the attic space. With the floors chosen or installed, paint colors came into play. While there are no hard and fast rules on color and reclaimed woods, Annie inter-changed a restrained (passive?) palette of neutral colors for each room, helping to reflect or throw more light around the space, create mood, define volume and frame the floors “…the woods are the diva”, she says.