barn wood

Diverse Nature of Reclaimed Barn Wood

20140724-092429.jpgAs not all chickens, cattle or goats look the same on the farm- not all reclaimed barn Oak ages to the same color and texture. Shades of grey and brown, circular or straight sawn, nail holes, stress cracks and knots – not to mention finishes – can all determine a wide range of surfaces. And since these qualities are only manufactured by time and nature, it’s hard to match a design vision right off the shelf. But often, the woods chosen can realize something different, and equally beloved.

Work in Progress – Reclaimed Herringbone Oak

herring_001The Herringbone pattern – named for it’s resemblance to the scales of a fish – extends to ancient Egypt, so it’s refreshing to see modern updates, especially with the use of reclaimed wood. Here, a slightly bolder width and the retained character of salvaged tobacco barn Oak revitalize the pattern with warmth and sustainability within a local Passive House.