wood flooring

Shades of Reclaimed Brown


Reclaimed wood ages brown – at least when it’s not daily exposed to light. Outside of time, other factors result in a wide range of brown – wood species, age of boards, original saw blade orientation, use and it’s exposure to a mix of man made influences – from tobacco smoke, pickle juice and other food grade fluids. All of the browns in their ‘found’ condition evoke a warm natural quality, but with individual personality. The woods below are a collection of antique grade Spruce/Fir, Hemlock, White Pine and potentially other species – sourced from barns, residential buildings, mushroom drying boards and Worcestershire Sauce tanks. The design possibilities within the family of natural browns are limitless.

Work in Progress – Reclaimed Herringbone Oak

herring_001The Herringbone pattern – named for it’s resemblance to the scales of a fish – extends to ancient Egypt, so it’s refreshing to see modern updates, especially with the use of reclaimed wood. Here, a slightly bolder width and the retained character of salvaged tobacco barn Oak revitalize the pattern with warmth and sustainability within a local Passive House.